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Sebastian Shampoo: How to Achieve a Healthy Growing and Glowing Hair

Maintaining a well-nourished hair is just like keeping pure silk – it needs continuous care. However, how should ‘proper’ and ‘continuous’ care be manifested? Are there ‘perfect’ hair care products that can fulfill these roles?

We should admit that routine practices alone does not seem to be sufficient in our aim of having a healthy growing and glowing hair. Sebastian hair products are the best hair care line to have conquered the cosmetics industry. Together with the tried and tested hair maintenance practices, these enhancing formulas will make your hair no less than those that are sported by Hollywood superstars.

Follow these effective tips below and ultra-healthy hair will never be impossible (also see our article What Sebastian Shampoo Does to Hair?).Sebastian Shampoo

      • Before taking a bath, while the hair isn’t wet yet, brush it from the scalp to the ends with the use of a natural-bristled brush. Stroke your hair in varied directions and pay close attention to the roots because this will stimulate blood flow and hair growth as well as relieve itching and flaking.

      • Shampoo your hair on an every-other-day pattern with a formula that fits to your specific hair type. Your hair is fibrous, just like the cotton we know. If we’ll wash our cotton short every single day, it’ll become dull in no time. The same thing happens to hair.

      • After every shampoo, put on conditioner also. Choose the kind that is made for your hair’s primary requirements. Apply generously on your hair according to how thick your locks are. Allow it to stay for at least 5 minutes before rinsing it out with cool water or any water cooler than what you normally have to shower. The cool water in rinsing will seal the moisture in the hair’s cuticles; thus, promote shiny strands. If you decide to utilize a hair mask instead, leave it for at least 12 minutes and do the same procedure afterwards.

      • Sebastian Penetraitt Strengthening and Repair Shampoo, 33.80 OunceAfter a shower, try not to wrap your head with a turban or towel for 5 minutes. This drying tool will draw the moisture out of your hair. When freshly conditioned hair cuticles are opened, your hair is most likely to become untamed and frizzy. Just pat dry after shower using a smooth-surfaced towel.

      • If you want to fix your hair while it’s wet, just comb it; never brush. Use a leave-in conditioner and with the help of a wide-tooth comb, detangle the strands. Do this gently starting at the bottom to the roots. Wear soft hair ties that don’t have metal tags so as not to break the hair strands.

    • Before going on to blow drying, apply leave-in hair conditioner. This will seal your hair’s cuticle. If you are using a leave-in wax, gel or oil, you can rub it in your palms first before applying onto hair in a downward movement. On the other hand, when a leave-in spray is used, spray it with the nozzle 20 inches away from the hair. After blow drying, add another layer of leave-in conditioner for an added shine.

For best results, always know your hair type first. This will guide you through in purchasing the best hair care products that your hair really needs.